About Us

The Blizzardcraft Network is created with kids in mind and at heart. Many Minecraft servers do not put a lot of effort into keeping their community safe for kids. In fact, some of these servers only do a one-time setup and then never improve it, but not us. We are constantly changing and improving our software to help keep our server clean. So when little kids join they do not get exposed to profanity, trash talk, harassment, adult content, etc.

Many will argue that we are too strict or are over-sensitive, but not in our eyes. A 10-year-old does not need to hear profanity of any kind or know racial slang or anything that does not concern them for their age. Now yes, our system isn't perfect but every time something sneaks through the cracks or something gets caught that shouldn't get caught, we will adapt our system so it does not happen again.

Some say "that is not how the real world works" but we say until they are of age, let kids be kids.