What is RankUP?

RankUP is part of a system designed to provide free rank upgrades to players on The BlizzardCraft Network Minecraft server. The RankUP system is essentially a points system, that provides you points when you enter your username on the website.

What are the points used for?

Currently, these points, alongside the RankUP system, can ONLY be used to obtain ranks, but we're considering other purchasable items, alongside some possible exclusive items only obtainable through these points.

How does this make the ranks free?

The ads surrounding this page is how your rank is paid for. So if you have an adblocker or have javascript disabled please disable adblocker and enable javascript. These ads pay for your rank so if you block them then your rank will not be funded.

What do I do?

At the bottom of this page is a form for you to enter your Minecraft Username and complete the captcha. You then will wait 15 seconds then click 'RankUP' to add points to your Minecraft Username.

WARNING: Since NOTHING is really free.

The use of Adblock, or a similar plugin/program, is not allowed.

Please disable it before you use RankUP. If you continue using Adblock or something similar, it will result in the removal of your rank on The BlizzardCraft Network Minecraft server, and/or a ban.

Thank you for understanding.

Minecraft Username:

You can RankUP in: 15 seconds.