Server Shutdown
The server has been shutdown due to relocation (I am moving). Unknown return date. If you have any questions, please contact Smash via Discord: "smashbrosthe3rd"


The BlizzardCraft Network is a 1.16.5 Minecraft Server located in the United States aimed at providing people of all ages an enjoyable experience.

The BlizzardCraft Network offers a small variety of game types to enjoy:

A regular survival server. Survive alone or with friends as you explore and survive in a vastly generated world. Be careful in the forest, there are bees!

TNT Wars

A mini-game in which you construct redstone TNT contraptions to take out the other player/team.

Bomb Brigaders

A mini-game in which you launch missiles from eggs to destroy the portal on the enemy side. Bomb Brigaders re-invents a similar mini-game called Missile Wars by adding multiple maps & various gameplay settings to keep the gameplay fresh, unique, and exciting.
Eternal Ice Age

A custom mod pack server. More details can be found here.