Server Shutdown
The server has been shutdown due to relocation (I am moving). Unknown return date. If you have any questions, please contact Smash via Discord: "smashbrosthe3rd"

StormyIceLeopard StormyIceLeopardover 2 years ago
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On Friday, October 8th, 2021 at approximately 12:04 PM, a player by the name of GamerProPlaysYT (Gamer) joined BCN via the proxy network then left about 20 seconds later. Gamer then joined the Lobby server directly and appeared in the log as a local IP address. How this was accomplished is currently still under investigation. The way a Minecraft network functions is that all servers behind the proxy have to be in offline mode. This means it acts kind of like a cracked server, conducting no authentication whatsoever with the Mojang servers. Since Gamer joined Lobby directly outside the proxy, Gamer was able to spoof its UUID and appear to be any user it wanted to. Gamer decided to spoof me,

StormyIceLeopard StormyIceLeopardover 3 years ago
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Oh man, has it been a while since you heard something from us. We have been hard at work behind the scenes preparing for the update that took place today. It took us 10 hours to make all the changes we wanted to, and sadly there are still some small details left to be done, but it was worth it.

So what does the average player need to know?


  • Limbo has been removed, no more 1.8-1.15 support.
    • What about EternalIceAge? You can join it using the new IP for that specific server:
      • Do you have other server IPs, like BombBrigaders, NeoTNT, or SMP?
        • No, we do not. If this is something you would like, let us know in our Discord server.
StormyIceLeopard StormyIceLeopardover 3 years ago
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It's been a long time coming but I am finally pleased to announce the release of our new discord server.

This could not have been done without help from @SmashbrosThe3rd, @DangerMage, @DarkKronicle, and @Chronos22. Many thanks to you all.

@DangerMage for being our moderator and helping out with making the server...

StormyIceLeopard StormyIceLeopardover 3 years ago
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Oh boy, it was a busy semester. I did finally finish all my classes (yes I did pass them all).

@DangerMage and I have been working hard at improving the Eternal Blizzard Pack and the Eternal Ice Age server. The mod pack has been updated and is available for download while the new server is planning to be released this Saturday (December 12, 2020). I plan to be doing a live stream to celebrate its open beta release. Yes, that's right open beta! We have made many changes, you can read the changelog

StormyIceLeopard StormyIceLeopardover 3 years ago
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Hello everyone! So much has changed since my last post. I am still in school so things will still be slow, but thanks to @DangerMage a lot was able to be accomplished.


First, IceFactions was a failed idea. I wanted a server where quests and factions could take place, but after much deep thought and thinking out loud with @SmashbrosThe3rd we have determined that the current idea of IceFactions just would not work. IceFactions has been shelved until further notice.

Second, we have finally added a server check where if you connect with a non 1.15.2 cl...