How to Survive your First Night
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This tutorial assumes you know how to use the mod JEI (Just Enough Items) and know how to play vanilla (non-modded) Minecraft.

Most people know how to survive their first night. However, it is different in this modpack. Why? Well... we may or may not have frozen the entire world... (We actually did, but don't tell anyone...)


Step 1: Equip the wool armor - DO THIS QUICK!


A really simple but critical step to survival. Without doing this, you will probably freeze sooner than you want to...

Simply right click the armor in your hotbar to equip it. It is faster then opening your inventory to drag the armor into their respective slots.

First Spawn Look


Step 2: Obtain wood by punching trees.


A really simple step.

The fastest way to chop down trees for wood is by using Vein Miner. To use it, just hold ~ (by default) while breaking a log to chop the tree down all at once.

Punching a tree


Step 3: Make a base


This base doesn't have to look good, it just has to exist, otherwise you're exposed to the elements. It is recommended that you make a downwards tunnel in the ground.

Hole in the Ground

Note: The deeper your tunnel is, the warmer your new base will become.

When you are happy with your tunnel depth, you should make a small room. It is recommended to make at least a 5x5 room because it gives you some space to work with for your working area later on.


Step 4: Mark your base


To mark your base on your map, simply press J (by default) to open your map.

Open World Map

Then press the Waypoint Button. It is the one on the far left at the bottom of the screen. You can also press CTRL+B.

Waypoints list

Once here, press the 'New...' button.

New waypoint menu

Once pressed, a menu will appear where you can name your new waypoint, set its color and change its settings. When you are happy with your results, click 'Save' to save the waypoint.


Step 5: Make torches


It might sound easy, but we aren't going mining for coal today... (It's pretty dangerous...) Instead, make some charcoal. In addition to providing materials for making torches, smelting tree wood in a furnace will warm you up because it produces heat when you smelt items.

Making Charcoal


Step 6: Basic Tinkers setup


This will make it so you can get a much better pickaxe. Your first step is to make blank patterns. It is recommended to make at a minimum 8 at minimum. You can look at the recipe for it in JEI (Just Enough Items) by pressing R on them. This works for every other recipe in JEI as well.

Next, make a tool station, pattern chest, stencil table and a part builder, and place them like this:

Tinkers setup

Then place the 4 leftover patterns in the stencil table and make a pickaxe head, shovel head, binding, and a tool rod:


Then put all of those new patterns in the pattern chest.


Step 7: Tinkers pickaxe


Head over to your part builder and get to work. Simply take the pattern you want, in this case you will grab your pickaxe head pattern, and then put some cobblestone in there to make it:

Making a stone pickaxe head

Then use wood to make the tool rod and the binding.

Wood tool rod and binding

Once you have all 3 parts you can head over to your tool station and combine them. Simply select the pickaxe on the left and put the 3 parts in to create a Tinkers pickaxe. You can also name it for free! (Unlike a Vanilla Minecraft anvil...)

Stone pickaxe!


Step 8: Don't freeze


By now you might be starting to freeze. If you are, you probably didn't dig down deep enough. Another reason might be because it has become nighttime, when the air temperature is coldest. To become warm again, either dig down deeper into the world or smelt something in your furnace and stand close to it. You can also craft a campfire.


Step 9: Go mining for a bit


Once you have your tickers pickaxe, why not go mining for a while? After all, it is how you progress. You might find treasure. You may even find yourself in trouble... Just remember, never dig straight down and always be aware of your surroundings.

Make sure to also have plenty of supplies so you can stay full, hydrated and stocked. Ensure it is daytime before you head up to gather your supplies though... Wouldn't want ya to freeze out there!


This is the end of the tutorial. Make sure to have fun. Oh, and remember: Don't die. Otherwise, it will be much more difficult to get started early on because you won't have that wool armor!





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