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Oh man, has it been a while since you heard something from us. We have been hard at work behind the scenes preparing for the update that took place today. It took us 10 hours to make all the changes we wanted to, and sadly there are still some small details left to be done, but it was worth it. So what does the average player need to know? Well... Limbo has been removed, no more 1.8-1.15 support. What about EternalIceAge? You can join it using the new IP for that specific server: Do you have other server IPs, like BombBrigaders, NeoTNT, or SMP? No, we do not. If this is something you would like, let us know in our Discord server. ProCosmetics is now available on SMP, BombBrigaders, and NeoTNT! You can now show off the cosmetics you gathered on all servers but EIA, with some exceptions for fair gaming reasons. We also plan to add custom cosmetics. Currently in the works are some custom music, balloons, and statuses. There... may or not be a striving toon coming in the near-future... There is now a PvP (Player vs. Player) arena in Lobby! Find it in the Ice Cave. (It's not looking great right now, we know. It takes time and it will be worked on throughout the week.) There are now messages to inform users where they come from and where they are going. Let's say you are on BombBrigaders and another player joins, in the chat it will say what server they came from, for example they could have come from Lobby or NeoTNT. Let's say you are on Lobby and your friend joins, but then quickly leaves. There will be a message in chat saying where they went, such as they went to SMP. Wow, it took you 10 hours to do just that? No no, we did so much more behind the scenes. We cannot reveal too much for specific reasons, but here is what we can tell you: We updated most, if not all, our plugins. We updated the server build numbers to be more stable and secure. We debugged and tested new features, such as Cosmetics on SMP, NeoTNT and BombBrigaders alongside the new PvP arena in Lobby. We made our network more secure by porting everything through our Anti-DDoS server and closing previous routes. As far as we know, nothing should be broken. If something is not working as intended, please let us know in our Discord. We've improved the join & quit messages (Except for BB. They're still a WIP) as well as an introduction by Ice Guardian! Regular updates and patches for our chat filter is planned to resume sometime in Early July. Plugins and how they function... Such a mysterious wonder... We added new administration and moderation tools to help our staff keep BCN a family friendly place. We improved our process of testing and evaluating interested builders. Believe us when we say, we wish we could live stream what we do behind the scenes. Sadly, we cannot. If we did, that would put our network in a vulnerable position. Sadly, much must remain on a need-to-know basis. Is this all you have to share? Actually, no. We got a few more small things we would like to inform you about: We are working on a new area in Lobby about the story of BCN! Sadly, without the original builder still with us, it is slow going. We are trying hard to keep the same feel and since no one currently on staff is a "great" builder, this could take an unknown amount of time. We are working to bring the donation store back. We are currently waiting for our website CMS (Content Management System), NamelessMC, theme to be updated. Once that happens, we will undergo further maintenance to update that. We are also considering a referral system for both our Discord and Minecraft networks. We are still currently unsure how this will work, but we are looking into it. We want to reward those who help make BCN grow, and reward those who are invited. Phew, that was a lot to read. We hope it was not too long though. We are constantly looking for ways to improve, grow, and learn. We are still looking for staff to help us out. At the time of writing we still need Minecraft Helpers, Discord Helpers, Minecraft Builders, and Minecraft Plugin Developers. All jobs are on a volunteer basis, meaning no pay. Okay, it is time to stop typing and let everyone have fun. Go enjoy our network, it's up and running and waiting for players just like you. Stay safe everyone and have fun! P.S. If there was anything forgotten, I am pretty sure @SmashbrosThe3rd will inform me. You will either see this post updated or a reply down below. P.S.S. Yeah yeah, everyone knows the drill. I come in and fix things, throw in the occasional meme or two and overall have a fantastic time. We aren't done yet! Stay tuned...
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It's been a long time coming but I am finally pleased to announce the release of our new discord server. This could not have been done without help from @SmashbrosThe3rd , @DangerMage , @DarkKronicle, and @Chronos22 . Many thanks to you all. @DangerMage for being our moderator and helping out with making the server similar and fun. @DarkKronicle for the development of our new chat filter. @Chronos22 for helping the server be organized. @SmashbrosThe3rd for helping me keep my head straight and handling the roles and permissions. This seriously could not have been done without their help. Many Thanks Again! The old Discord server is going to be an archive server. It will not be deleted but no one will be able to send messages or invite new users. The new Discord server has new things to keep you entertained, such as qotd (Question of the Day), Poketwo bot, counting game, never-ending story, and more to come. We also plan to sometime integrate rewards from Discord to Minecraft, such as cosmetic coins. The new Discord server can be joined via the link at the top of the website (top left above Home link, it says Join our Discord!) or clicking here (link might not work). Please stay safe during COVID-19 and have fun! Sincerely, #TheIceLeopard.
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Oh boy, it was a busy semester. I did finally finish all my classes (yes I did pass them all). @DangerMage and I have been working hard at improving the Eternal Blizzard Pack and the Eternal Ice Age server. The mod pack has been updated and is available for download while the new server is planning to be released this Saturday (December 12, 2020). I plan to be doing a live stream to celebrate its open beta release. Yes, that's right open beta! We have made many changes, you can read the changelog here . Open beta means that if you have the mod pack you can join. No longer needing to be added to a whitelist. It will be a fresh start, but the start should be easier for you though with the revisions @DangerMage and I have made. Most credit for this mod pack goes to @DangerMage , I just helped him with the idea and how it should work. So if you enjoy the mod pack, please give your appreciation to @DangerMage by telling him! The old world will be available to download sometime in the future, keep an eye on our Discord server for that. @SmashbrosThe3rd and I (and @DarkKronicle and @Chronos22) have been working hard to relaunch the BCN Discord with a refresh. We are working to create a new server that will be more organized and more fun with more things to do. The release date is still unknown as we are still trying to work out some details. We wish to release it before I go back to school in January 2021. I will make a new post when that comes around again. For now, continue to enjoy the current discord. The new one will be very different, but also the same. Anyways, thanks for being apart of our little community. I love seeing you all enjoy the hard work I put in to keep this network running. If you ever have any suggestions I am all for them in our discord. Stay safe!   Fun Fact: At the time of writing (December 6, 2020) I, @StormyIceLeopard , am now 23 years old. Crazy right?
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Changes from 0.3 to 0.4: Added the following Mods Better FPS ( ) Brandon's Core ( ) Draconic Evolution ( ) OMLib ( ) Open Modular Turrets ( ) Project Intelligence ( ) Modified start items to make starting off easier Full Wool Armor 5 Cold Resistant Potions Some Food Stone Tools Sword Axe Pickaxe Shovel Changed crafting recipes Modified saturation system
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Here at The BlizzardCraft Network we are always looking for ways to improve. We want your feedback. We think that by following this guide, it will help keep the bugs/suggestions organized and easy to find. The First step is to determine which server you wish to post for. Open that category. The Second step is to see if your bug/suggestion has been issued already. If it has, give it a like so we know that more have noticed this bug/suggestion and want it fixed/implemented. If not, proceed to the third step. The Third step is to create a new topic following the template below. This will help make your post easy to understand and identify. Topic Title: [Bug/Suggestion] Quick Title to define it. Example: [Bug] /vote gives nothing Topic Body: Describe in detail the bug/suggestion. If it is a bug please tell us how to reproduce it so we can see for ourselves. Videos/pictures also help. Example: When I type /vote into the chat nothing happens. I expect to be presented with a GUI of all the vote sites I can vote on.  
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