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Here at The BlizzardCraft Network we are always looking for ways to improve. We want your feedback.We think that by following this guide, it will help keep the bugs/suggestions organized and easy to find. The First step is to determine which server you wish to post for. Open that category. The Second step is to see if your bug/suggestion has been issued already. If it has, give it a like so we know that more have noticed this bug/suggestion and want it fixed/implemented. If not, proceed to the third step. The Third step is to create a new topic following the template below. This will help make your post easy to understand and identify. Topic Title: [Bug/Suggestion] Quick Title to define it. Example:[Bug] /vote gives nothing Topic Body: Describe in detail the bug/suggestion. If it is a bug please tell us how to reproduce it so we can see for ourselves. Videos/pictures also help. Example:When I type /vote into the chat nothing happens. I expect to be presented with a GUI of all the vote sites I can vote on.  
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Hello everyone! So much has changed since my last post. I am still in school so things will still be slow, but thanks to @DangerMage a lot was able to be accomplished.   First, IceFactions was a failed idea. I wanted a server where quests and factions could take place, but after much deep thought and thinking out loud with @SmashbrosThe3rd we have determined that the current idea of IceFactions just would not work. IceFactions has been shelved until further notice. Second, we have finally added a server check where if you connect with a non 1.15.2 client you are sent to a server called Limbo. This allows you to chat and private message users on the network. It also allows BCN to be open to the idea of supporting game modes that are in older versions of Minecraft, say 1.8. Yes, PvP game modes might be coming soon. Keep an eye out. Third, and possibly the most important, we have added a modded server to BCN. Yes, we are making our own Mod Pack. It will be called the Eternal Ice Age. It matches our theme. Cool right? We have been at this since June 21, 2020. We have done much testing via gameplay, and we are balancing the game. At this time, we are starting the Closed Alpha phase. Basically, all you need to do to register for it is to contact us via our discord server and ask to be added to the Closed Alpha. Only a few will be granted access, however. Don't worry, the Mod Pack is free for everyone to download (you are required to login to download though). You can download the pack by clicking here: We are so excited to see where the Limbo server takes us and the development of the Mod Pack.   Stay warm, stay safe!
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Hello everyone, I, StormyIceLeopard, will be going back to university in less than 3 weeks from this post (start date is August 17, 2020). This will cause me to have little free time to develop and manage the server. So future improvements, such as updating to 1.16, will not be occurring anytime soon. I will be doing everything in my power to keep BCN running but beyond that, I cannot promise anything. I will be relying on my staff a lot more. You should join our discord server for the fastest and most recent updates, also to talk with others and possibly even me as I work my way through this semester.But all is not lost, we are re-continuing the development of IceFactions.What is IceFactions?Well, we do not really even know ourselves. The best way I can describe it is a Factions Server with Role Play and Quests.I know, does not sound like a great idea and you might be right. But we are going with it and so far we are liking where Minecraft is taking us.I cannot wait to share with you all what we are up to and what is to come. Again join our discord for sneak peeks as we often post pictures as we mess around on the server and what we can and cannot do with the plugins we are using.Anyways, thank you so much for being apart of our amazing little community and I hope to see you around!Enjoy what BCN has to offer and have a fantastic rest of your summer!Stay safe my friends!
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Hello BCN community. I am informing you that we have closed the donation web store until further notice. With the little donations gathered over the last year, we see there really is no need to have a web store at this time. (Not to even mention that the web store is poorly designed.) If you find yourself really wanting to donate to this amazing community, then join our discord and DM StormyIceLeopard for further details. If the demand arises, we will redesign and reopen the web store. Now I am sure some of you are concerned about how to get cosmetic chests since the store is closed. Well first you can still get them from voting and sometime in the future, a new post will be made detailing all the possible ways to get cosmetic chests. Thanks for reading! you all and Minecraft!
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I wish to wish SmashbrosThe3rd a Happy 23rd Birthday!
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