Bug/Suggestion Post Guidelines
Started by StormyIceLeopard

Here at The BlizzardCraft Network we are always looking for ways to improve. We want your feedback.
We think that by following this guide, it will help keep the bugs/suggestions organized and easy to find.

The First step is to determine which server you wish to post for. Open that category.

The Second step is to see if your bug/suggestion has been issued already. If it has, give it a like so we know that more have noticed this bug/suggestion and want it fixed/implemented. If not, proceed to the third step.

The Third step is to create a new topic following the template below. This will help make your post easy to understand and identify.

Topic Title: [Bug/Suggestion] Quick Title to define it.

[Bug] /vote gives nothing

Topic Body: Describe in detail the bug/suggestion. If it is a bug please tell us how to reproduce it so we can see for ourselves. Videos/pictures also help.

When I type /vote into the chat nothing happens. I expect to be presented with a GUI of all the vote sites I can vote on.


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