The Store has Closed
Started by StormyIceLeopard

Hello BCN community.

I am informing you that we have closed the donation web store until further notice. With the little donations gathered over the last year, we see there really is no need to have a web store at this time. (Not to even mention that the web store is poorly designed.) If you find yourself really wanting to donate to this amazing community, then join our discord and DM StormyIceLeopard for further details.

If the demand arises, we will redesign and reopen the web store.

Now I am sure some of you are concerned about how to get cosmetic chests since the store is closed. Well first you can still get them from voting and sometime in the future, a new post will be made detailing all the possible ways to get cosmetic chests.

Thanks for reading! â¤ï¸ you all and Minecraft!

Over 3 years ago