How BCN will run until December 2020.
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Hello everyone,

I, StormyIceLeopard, will be going back to university in less than 3 weeks from this post (start date is August 17, 2020). This will cause me to have little free time to develop and manage the server. So future improvements, such as updating to 1.16, will not be occurring anytime soon. I will be doing everything in my power to keep BCN running but beyond that, I cannot promise anything. I will be relying on my staff a lot more. You should join our discord server for the fastest and most recent updates, also to talk with others and possibly even me as I work my way through this semester.

But all is not lost, we are re-continuing the development of IceFactions.
What is IceFactions?
Well, we do not really even know ourselves. The best way I can describe it is a Factions Server with Role Play and Quests.
I know, does not sound like a great idea and you might be right. But we are going with it and so far we are liking where Minecraft is taking us.
I cannot wait to share with you all what we are up to and what is to come. Again join our discord for sneak peeks as we often post pictures as we mess around on the server and what we can and cannot do with the plugins we are using.

Anyways, thank you so much for being apart of our amazing little community and I hope to see you around!
Enjoy what BCN has to offer and have a fantastic rest of your summer!
Stay safe my friends!

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